Thursday, April 02, 2015


Die Ausstellungen unserer Gruppe "Crossing Oceans" für 2015:

Quilt en Sud in Biarritz vom 3.6.15 bis 6.6. 15

und  Festival of Quilts BIRMINGHAMvom 6.8.15 bis 9.8.15
Crossing Oceans is an invited group of international artists from around the world, each offering their own unique perspective on the chosen theme of NATURE.
 Textile artist Jane Rollason is the curator of this group.
 Members of this exhibiting group are: Jane Rollason (UK), Hilary Beattie (UK), Charlotte Yde (Denmark), Irene MacWilliam (Northern Ireland), Bergen Rose (US), Dijanne Cevaal (Australia), Lin Hsin-Chen (Taiwan), Ineke Berlyn (UK), Frieda Anderson (US), Christiane Kuhr (Germany), Elaine Quehl (Canada), Pat Archibald (Scotland) and Kay Haerland (Australia)

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